Immunosuppression leads to a weakening of anti-infective defenses and cause some disease symptoms. Therefore certified in congenital and acquired deficiency of the immune system, which is usually manifested by repeated or chronic infections difficult responders to conventional therapy. It can be used as purulent affections and recovery after septic conditions. Also applies in the treatment of herpes and fungal diseases in the auxiliary treatment of malignant tumors in the presence of signs of decreased immunity (recurrent infections, fatigue, loss of white blood cells), in some allergic diseases and in case of chronic fatigue syndrome. IMUNOR is on prescription and is administered on the basis of examination of the immune status of the patient under medical supervision.

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place of business

ImunomedicA, a.s.
Chuderov 118
400 02 Usti nad Labem

IČO 250 09 508
DIČ CZ 250 09 508

phone:  +420 472 776 623
+420 472 773 893
+420 777 872 067

The company is registered in the Commercial Register Regional Court in Usti nad Labem, Section B, component of the 904th.

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   Summary of product
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About the company

ImunomedicA, OJSC is a Czech pharmaceutical company based in Usti nad Labem. It was founded in 1996.

Produced IMUNOR medicine, which is designed to support the immune system.
The drug is a prescription. The distribution of the drug is provided by S & D Pharma.

The medicine is distributed in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.