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IMUNOR (Transfer factor from pig´s blood) lyophilized

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ImunomedicA, as Chuderov 118, 400 02 Ústi nad Labem.


The active ingredient in a bottle Transferendi factor suillus 10 mg. Solvent: drinking water.

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Description of the product:

The porous mass of white to yellowish in the form of a cookie or divided powder. The powder may stick to the bottom of the vial or stopper.


IMUNOR, dried solution for oral use, the product homogeneity from pig blood white blood cells. It contains a complex of biologically active substances with a low molecular weight, so its effect is species-specific and does not effect the recipient´s immune response. Immunomodulatory effect IMUNOR is complex. Its essence is the so-called transfer factor. It is historically significant material prepared from white blood cells, which is being transferred immunological memory. In to experimental system, the animals affected by the selected substance (antigen immunization) become donors transfer factor. Not affected by injection of transfer factor recipients lead to an increase of immunity to a level that has been proven donors. IMUNOR administration induces a number of changes in the immune system. There is for example the activation of white blood cells responsible for the phagocytic defense (absorption) increases the formation of intracellular signal mediators (interferon and interleukins), increases the number and ability of lymphocyte activation. IMUNOR also has proven anti-inflammatory effect. Always there are changes in the normal range, which can be seen also to adjust the components of blood counts. IMUNOR thus appears as a substance modulating the immune system and pre-clinical testing of the effect is significantly different from IMUNOR injection of transfer factor prepared from human white blood cells.


IMUNOR modulates the immune response in cases when disturbed. Immunosuppression leads to a weakening of anti-infective defenses and cause some disease symptoms. Therefore certified in congenital and acquired deficiency of the immune system, which is usually manifested by repeated or chronic infections, difficulty responding to conventional therapy. It can for example be used in purulent affections and recovery after septic conditions. Also applies in the treatment of herpes and fungal diseases in the auxiliary treatment of malignant tumors in the presence of signs of decreased immunity (recurrent infections, fatigue, loss of white blood cells), in some allergic diseases and in case of chronic fatigue syndrome. IMUNOR be given in principle on the basis of examination of the immune status of the patient under medical supervision.


IMUNOR is not recommended during pregnancy, other contradications are not known. Note: The efficacy and tolerability of the preparation was not tested in children.

Adverse effects:

IMUNOR tolerance is very good, occasionally there may be indigestion, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, malaise. If side effects occur they are usually mild intensity and transient in duration. If within three days does not disappear, consult your doctor.


Interactions are not yet known.

Dosage and administration:

Dosing for each age category distinction. If your doctor recommends it (tells) otherwise, the basic administration of cure 4-6 doses of the preparation administered in one-week intervals (basic medical treatment). In the case of acute infection treatment can be also initiated with 2-3 doses during the first week (eg every other day), followed by administration of additional doses at one-week intervals. The choice of treatment strategy is individual and depends on the clinical development of the case and immunological laboratory findings. Usually 3-4 treatments are applied per year. In severe cases, when the interval between treatments is a treatment of early recurrences, it is possible to proceed with continuous administration. This usually mean long-term administration of 1 dose 1 time a week or once every 2 weeks. The contents of one vial before use dissolve under gentle shaking at about 3 ml (bottle neck) of drinking water. As part of the powder may cling to the cork, after adding water, it should again bottle stopper and shake to all the product in water completely dissolved. The content of the drinks on an empty stomach, half an hour it is possible to consume a light breakfast. After opening the bottle should be used immediately IMUNOR.


IMUNOR be given in principle on the basis of examination of the immune status of the patient under medical supervision. In case of overdose or accidental ingestion of a child, consult with your doctor. The product does not affect alertness when driving or operating machinery.


Store in a refrigerator at 2-8 ° C. Keep vial in outer carton to protect from light.


Do not use after expiry date stated on the label. Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Pack sizes:

4 vials of 10 mg lyophilisate.

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