An immunomodulator that strengthens and activates a weakened immune system. For oral use.

What is IMUNOR®?

IMUNOR® is a medicinal product to support the immune system. It is a lyophilisate (dried solution) for oral administration, prepared from a homogenate of white blood cells from pigs. It contains a complex of biologically active substances. IMUNOR® is substance prepared from white blood cells that can transmit the ability to react immunologically against certain antigens.

IMUNOR® should only be administered following an examination of the patient’s immune status.

What is IMUNOR® used for?

Administration of IMUNOR® induces a number of positive changes to the immune system. It has got proven anti-inflammatory effects. Decreased immunity leads to weakened anti-infective defence mechanisms and a development of certain disease manifestations.

IMUNOR® is useful for both congenital and acquired immune deficiencies, which usually manifest themselves as recurrent or chronic infections that are difficult to treat conventionally. It can be used, for example, in purulent affections and in convalescence after septic conditions.

It is also used in the treatment of herpetic and fungal diseases, when there are signs of reduced immunity (repeated infections, fatigue, loss of white blood cells), in certain allergic diseases and in the case of chronic fatigue syndrome.